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Do you ever get down on yourself? Do you have creepy thoughts that say you are not good enough, and everyone out there is better than you? Is Negative Nelly occupying too much space in your brain, eroding your confidence and shrouding you in a veil of self-doubt? I have days like that. Yes, I really do. However, I’ve learned to stop them in their tracks, before I enter into the Danger Zone of No Return.

The antidote to negativity is positivity, right? Yes. Negative thoughts will weigh you down, and positive thoughts will raise you up. They each have different vibrations, and one is much heavier than the other. If left alone, negative thoughts will be much harder to counteract . If you intention is to raise yourself up, then you must flood the brain with positive self-talk, even though you may not fully believe it….yet.

Take a moment, (right now would be a good time for this), and start making a list of all your positive qualities. I’m charming, kind, compassionate, talented…..You get the picture. If you get stuck, then make them up, and simply own those words as if they were your own. Claim them, and know that they live inside of you, or you wouldn’t even have thought of them.

Next, call a friend, and ask them to take 10 minutes with you, and share all of the positive qualities that they see in you. This is what I specifically ask my friends: “Tell me 10 things you love about me, and why I’m so fantastic.” The healing powers of such an exercise will surely out-weigh the negative thoughts that seep into our consciousness from time to time. It’s like drinking an elixir of delicious love. We all need love in order to grow and thrive.

Just for fun, I invite you to click the link and listen to this old song…tried and true, a catchy melody, sung through the years by a stellar list of performers. Today I bring you Sir Paul McCartney….enjoy. Tap your feet and sing along and make it an amazing, powerful and positive day! https://youtu.be/cwp-IvX8VM8