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Webinars, Shwebinars, Social Media, Twitter, Pinerest, Facebook…..it’s endless. Free this, free that, the internet is chock full of information. And, it’s available to us all. There is never a lack of information, and all you need to do is type in the subject matter in the “search button”. Voila! The information you requested appears for you to gobble up and utilize immediately.

Sometimes it’s easier to stay at home, work from home, see clients from home, and then we get homebound. Not so good. We forget what it’s like to be with people. People buy our services. People buy us. And according to the popular song made famous by Barbra Streisand….”People who need People are the luckiest people in the world.” So true. As entrepreneurs, we need people. This is High-Touch.

Today, an antidote to the clutter of the web, is a Signature Talk which you design and can be given anywhere your target audience attends. Do you have one? Have you designed one? Is it effective?

I’m often told by people that they have a signature talk or presentation. People tell me, “I’m comfortable speaking in front of groups.” But the truth is, most people are ill-prepared for such an important marketing strategy for their business. They are talented, smart, and would deliver a great service. However, most miss the mark in creating, delivering and monetizing from their presentations. They have simply not been trained and coached. They are not practiced, don’t know how to use a/v, a mic, or how to engage manage a room. They remain in monologue, lifeless. This can be a simple fix, and you’re worth it.

During my lengthy career, I’ve spent a significant time teaching workshops and coaching corporate executives on the fine art of “Executive Presentation Skills”. I used to work for a company in Boston that was the leader in this field, and my clients came from Delta, The Coca-Cola Company, Eli Lily, Proctor and Gamble, Sharp, Merck….bla bla bla. It was great fun. And, I’ve been giving presentations, delivering training, and facilitating workshops for my entire career. I have developed a muscle. I am effective. And, I’d like to help you, get more clients, make more money and live with more freedom and joy…..by helping you craft a talk/presentation that delivers!

I’ve loved providing this service in a VIP Day with clients, and celebrate with them as they share the results. The day focuses on you, organizing your message, highlighting your unique system, engaging your crowd, developing and extending your offer….and all the little details that make the difference.

I invite you to reach out to me and schedule a complimentary Cash Infusion Call, focusing our time on your speaking and your message. My stand is that Entrepreneurs Prosper.  Speaking is a tool that leads to prosperity, and making your impact. Your future depends on you! Your clients are waiting for you! I’m ready to serve you. Let’s link arms and do this.