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I’ve been booking speakers for WPDN in Atlanta for 10 years, and before that, for 30 years in New England.  It’s one of the best things that I enjoy doing in my business. That is, putting on fun, spirited educational networking events for my tribe.  Providing a showcase for talented businesswomen speaks to my Core Values: Contribution, Generosity, Collaboration, Fun, and Making a Difference.

We have an abundant amount of talent in the Atlanta area, all kinds of women leaders that inspire us, teach us, guide us, and coach us. It’s pretty darn great.   And I want to share a suggestion, a message that will help all Speakers, regardless of where you are located, as you plan out and book your calendars, so that you receive maximum visibility and optimal results from the engagements you book.

Plan your locations, and be daring enough to step outside of your immediate geography.  What I see happening over and over, is great speakers getting booked in the same communities, speaking to the same people in a very compressed period of time.  Yes, it’s great to get booked.  It’s great to share your message, and speak to gain influence and new business and clients.  However, think from the perspective of the audience, the people you want to serve, and what inspires them to come out and see you.  Like simple economics, the law of supply and demand, if you are everywhere with the same people, in the same short monthly timeframe, your message and presence is diluted.  In fact, the opposite of what you want might occur.  People may stay away, only because they just heard you, know that you are speaking next week at….and the next week at…and the next month at…..There is no excitement, or enthusiasm to make the trek or investment.

When I schedule Speakers, I ultimately book WPDN Members first, as it is a perk and privilege, and we want our Members to grow and be seen.  Then, we look elsewhere and work with those who have contacted us about getting in front of our audience.  Sometimes I chase local Speakers who are just not available on Wednesdays for WPDN….but I’ll get them, soon, one way or another! 🙂 They create a strong pull and desire simply by their unavailability and illusive schedule.  They are sought after and in high demand.

Position yourself powerfully.  Create your professional speaker marketing materials and book yourself out of town, and meet some new people!  Visit another state, a region of a state, a fledgling professional association that is just coming on the scene.  Put some time between local presentations, so the audience isn’t numb and deaf to wanting to hear your message.

Many of the area organizations often will contact me and ask  “Who can you recommend that is  a GREAT Speaker!”   I want to recommend YOU!

Hope you found this message targeted, and know that it is given from my heart, as I want you to wildly succeed.  My Stand is #WomenProsper!