Camp Confidence

The Summer of Self-Esteem!


Do you remember that once popular song “The Lazy- Hazy- Crazy Days of Summer”, by the wonderful Nat King Cole? I bet you do, and I bet you could even sing along. In fact, you’d like to just hang out, relax and chill now that summer is nearly upon us. However, I recommend that it is not the time for you to sit back and do nothing, and it just might actually be time to shift the focus on BEING rather than DOING.


Welcome to Camp Confidence!
Welcome to The Summer of Self-Esteem!

Times are different now. There is no going back to what was, as our world has changed. We’ve changed, and we have had time to sit, reflect, and be in ways that have led us to new discoveries of ourselves. We think we are ready to launch “what’s next”, yet, we pause and search for approval and acknowledgment, and wish we had a team of cheerleaders eager to cheer us on.

The summer is a season supposedly filled with sunshine, celebrations and travels, but savvy entrepreneurs just view this period as leading to a variety of new business opportunities that often seem to launch in September. It doesn’t matter if you are going to run your business full-time, part-time, or simply want to make extra money in a side hustle.  Summer lends itself to easy hours, bbq’s, pool parties, and dining al fresco. And we all share a “back to school” mentality, saying “I’ll wait to start it in September.”

What seems to be missing for many is having the guts, courage, positive self-image, sharp way of being, and the willingness to use this supposed “vacation time” to build yourself up. Let’s do both. We can work on ourselves, and have fun in a light and structured program that promises to raise your joy and confidence vibrations.   Imagine what you would be able to attract newly into your life?

Welcome to Camp Confidence!

In this light, fun, valuable summer program, we will grow together in self-esteem, certainty, and personal magic.

You will complete our camp season confidently ready to share your light, speak and command respectful listening, and step into the powerful presence that you’ve always known was there, but was hidden under some disempowering stories and beliefs. Come out ready to share your brilliance, in new and creative ways, and reach new audiences that are waiting for your aligned messages, services, or products.


Camp Confidence is for you if you…

Welcome to Camp Confidence!
Welcome to The Summer of You!

What is Camp Confidence?

Confidence Camp is an eight-week, online program that delivers the promise of boosted confidence and enhanced self-esteem. We develop confidence through supportive, interactive and specially-designed course activities which will raise your vibrations, and leave you feeling happy, excited, connected and self-assured.


COURSE DATES: June 22 – August 10, 2021

TIME: 12:00 – 1:30 p.m. EST

LOCATION: Zoom Online



fast action bonus!

For the first five (5) people to register by JUNE 11, you will receive a 2-hour “I Want to Pick Your Brain” Transformational session with Marie. A $347 VALUE


Complimentary 6 -month Subscription to EZ Tapping (Online tapping scripts and support to release limiting beliefs and imbed new, empowering beliefs.) A $200 VALUE



The Summer of Self-Esteem!

JUNE 22, 2021 - AUGUST 10, 2021

investment: $297

Working With Marie

Before I hired Marie as my coach, I had tried all types of Systems programs and coaches, with limited success. Marie's programs and private coaching was the 1-2 punch that sky-rocketed my business. She will always be my muse, inspiring me, motivating me and nudging me out of my comfort zone into success.
Vicki Edge
Wired For Success, Victoriasedge.com
One of the things I love about working with Marie is that you just never know what she’s going to pull out to kickstart meetings—Angel Cards, essential oils, guided meditations. She’s constantly coming up with fresh ways to help me be grounded, powerful, and productive.
Alison Chandler
Brand Strategist + Designer
Considering coaching with Marie? If you are like me, resistant, I encourage you to work with her. Give yourself the gift of facing and dealing with whatever is holding you back. My time with Marie, a trusted advisor, allowed me to uncover painful blocks, and design action steps to move forward immediately. Today, I love my successful business!
Nanette Freiman
Informed Real Estate Choices
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About Marie Fratoni

Your Camp Director

Marie Fratoni, CEO of Get Clients Everywhere, will lead this program with joy and sensitivity. She is an experienced leader and consultant who studied confidence, mindset and self-esteem with Jack Canfield, Laura Perls, Brian Tracy, Geneen Roth and Nido Quebin. She has coached and led groups in the transformational coaching space for several years, and loves growing entrepreneurs. She is the Founder of the Women’s Professional Development Network in Atlanta, and is an accomplished Retreat Leader, who leads annual retreats in Tuscany.

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