To cold call or not to cold call, that is the question!  Some say cold calling is dead. I say cold calling can be just one of an entrepreneur’s sales strategies. It is one bow in the quiver of sales tools that every entrepreneur should employ as they build their business. As part of a well-rounded marketing and sales strategy, it can suddenly surprise you when you get to take a “next action”, or even get the long-desired “yes”!

Cold calling is a crapshoot. You either get somewhere, or you don’t. So, if you are someone who envisions success, then why not see yourself successful. Progress fuels productivity. In fact, some days I think cold calling is actually fun. Why, you ask? Because I say it’s fun! Life shows up in our view, so create a happy, joyful and successful view and give it a whirl. Have fun, play with wild abandon, and of course, do not be attached to the outcome. You just might end up with a very profitable day!

I once had a friend who wore a silly hat, a court jester’s hat, when he had to smile and dial. He did this to take all significance out of what he was doing. He was intentional, success-oriented, but wanted to lighten up his “fear factor” and call reluctance syndrome. I loved that idea! So, in the past, I’ve worn silly noses, placed sticky note hearts along the border of my lap top monitor, and did a silly dance to get myself into “state” before I began my calls. Yes, I was afraid. Mindset plays a big part of getting ourselves ready to pick up the phone. So why not create a state of readiness and being of service.

Most of us have no problem if our phone rings, but it’s a very different feeling when we hold the dial pad in our hands. Let’s look at some ways to overcome our phone-a-phobia!

  • Know who you are calling and why. Be sure they fit inside of your ideal target market.
  • Be clear on the purpose of your call. Is it to set an appointment? Request a speaking engagement? Offer a product or service?
  • Be upbeat and “smile” through the phone lines. Enthusiasm is catchy!
  • Bring a sense of play and joy to the exercise of calling. Just do it to do it.
  • Be clear on what to “ask” at the end of your call. Have a next action ready to suggest.
  • Be purposeful in turning your cold call into a warm possibility.
  • Be prepared for rejection. No’s are clear, and there is always an “ask” after a no is received.
  • Create an incredibly powerful conversation opener.  Delivering this opening line with confidence and ease, will determine how the rest of the call will go.
  • Never start with “I’m so sorry to interrupt you….”. Rather, “I’m excited to share….”
  • Don’t rely on cold calls as your main sales tactic. It’s only one method of many that are available for us today. Use them as a beneficial part of your overall marketing and sales strategy.
  • Be willing to have fun, be generous and make a difference, regardless of the outcome!