I wanted to come clean and vulnerably share with you what I’ve been experiencing lately. I’ve been feeling listless, uninspired, ho hum, disconnected, and stopped. I’ve been singing the song “Is that all there is….?” This is just not like me, right? But, nevertheless, that’s how I’ve been feeling for the past few weeks. Can anyone relate?

Burnout, you ask? Maybe. I’ve owned my business since 1981, though many of those years were on a part-time basis. That’s a long time, and it’s  much longer than most of you reading this. In fact, it has not been ok with me that I’ve felt uninspired, uncommitted and stopped, so I started sharing and having conversations with trusted friends, people who are trained in the distinctions of transformation. These disempowering thoughts would persist if I remained quiet, and in monologue, and I’m smart enough to know that conversations, and getting into dialogue will make a difference, and something will move for me.

For the past month, I gave myself the grace and space to feel however I felt.  And I realized that I’ve been in a stress response, so I took action and focused on self-care, reflection, and play. The vast majority of my life is given for others: WPDN, coaching, hosting events, planning retreats, leading programs, and lots of sharing and connecting. I actually love that. But, I needed to put the focus on myself, to refill my cup, honor my soul, and replenish my spirit. I’ll share what actions I’ve taken, hoping that you might be inspired to take similar actions for yourself. Maybe you need a reboot, too? 

So far this month, I have:

  • enjoyed a week-long trip to MA for a great change of scenery.
  • lost 10 lbs., and feel a zillion % better!
  • enjoyed the arts: seeing movies, visiting galleries, and digging PBS.
  • scheduled an astrology reading to learn how the stars may guide my direction.
  • napped, played with angel cards, journals and zentangle.
  • prayed and meditated and enjoyed silence.
  • enjoyed swimming, and walking.
  • played with friends.
  • planned an exciting itinerary for my annual trip to Italy.

So…I’m baaack! I’ll soon be sharing some new ways of serving you. It is said that “the only way to, is through”, and I’m excited that I took this month to reset, and I look forward to reinventing and sharing the best parts of my business offerings with you.