We’ve all heard of V.I.P. Days, or Deep Dive Days, or a Super Duper 1-1 Day with a Coach. But are they really worth the time and price? Do you really get what you pay for? Well, my vote is a resounding YES!

I personally have participated in five V.I.P. Days, designed especially for ME. I loved that. Having all of that special attention focused on little ol’ me? However, once I agreed to the program, my unworthiness and small conversations started swirling around my brain. Anything to take me out….which is how fear shows up when we are about to embark on a bigger game. My own personal objections were:

  • I cannot justify this payment.
  • What if I don’t make good on my investment?
  • Will they (the coach) really be there for me and help me grow?
  • Will I show up prepared, ready to go, and commit to what we create?
  • Blah blah, bla-bitty bla. (You know how it goes, right?)

Here’s what I found out. The V.I.P. Day experiences all surpassed my expectations. During one experience the brand of Get Clients Everywhere was born. That was 9 years ago, and I’ve never looked back. I utilized other V.I.P. Days to build out my annual marketing/sales calendar and funnel, designed a couple of coaching programs, and created and practiced my Signature Talk. Priceless!

For my personal clients, I’ve been able to design an incredible day, filled with value, focused on a few topic areas which produce massive results. Some focus areas include:

  • Developing Your Signature Talk and Offer
  • Jumpstart your Business: High-Level Strategies to Insure Clients and Revenue
  • A Book Launch and Marketing and Speaking Strategy
  • Creating Your Programs, Packages, and Pricing
  • Designing Your Future Business Success

The possibilities are endless! And the great news is that people really want that one-one or small experience to assist them with issues they are struggling with, and are eager for a breakthrough that breathes new life into their business.

Your V.I.P. Day experience can also be shared with 3 – 5 others, which I also find very enjoyable and worthwhile. I have received great value in small group days, and love leading Group V.I.P. Days. Some people prefer being in a small group. Besides getting your own coaching “spot light”, you get to brainstorm with the group, and experience group support as you grow. People receive a lot with a smaller investment in the day. Fun is always an integral part of the experience!

If you’ve been wondering if such an experience would be right for you, then please reach out, and let’s have a conversation to explore what could be possible. For the summer months, I’ll be offering some special pricing on V.I.P. Days and Group V.I.P Days to help you create your business makeover!