Making connections is great—and so is making money!

Making connections is great—
and so is making money!

We all know how important networking is.

But once you’ve made the connection, what then?

If you’re sitting in your office right now looking at that stack of business cards and wondering why your phone isn’t ringing and your bank account isn’t singing.

And your ready to do something about it.

My new Connect & Prosper program is designed just for you!

Isn’t it time for your business to soar?

I’ve been running successful networking and training events for years. If you’re like many of the business women I’ve worked with maybe:

Not to worry. Connect & Prosper can help you move beyond whatever holds you back.

There’s simply something magical that happens when you combine great training, hands-on practice, and passionate community. Imagine spending six months with me and a group of like-minded women focusing on:

Add fun contests, community workshopping, and celebrations along the way.

Connect & Prosper will show you how to dream it and how to achieve it.

Big dreams welcome—the bigger the better!

Connect & Prosper

Designed exclusively for business women like you who are ready to level up!​

We’ll focus on the four key areas I’ve used to help clients double and even triple their income:


Leveraging those connections to grow your business.


Learn what it takes to recognize opportunities and create demand for what you do.


One of the most powerful and effective ways to attract new clients.


Building your business through successful events in-person and online.

Connect & Prosper will have you out on the court, playing for bigger stakes in your business—and winning a much bigger game.

From day one, you’ll begin applying the training to your business—everything from developing and delivering your transformational talk to planning, promoting, and running an event.

You’ll also meet with a professional image consultant to explore how your unique style supports your brand and helps you own your greatness.

Whether you were born an introvert or extrovert—this is your time to step out of the shadows and into your power!

Here’s what your next six months could bring:

Connect & Prosper isn’t like other business training programs.

For starters, Connect & Prosper isn’t for everyone.

Admission is by application, so I can create a community of motivated professionals—like you—who are ready to break through to the next level in their businesses. These women will become your champions and you will be theirs.


This will be a partnership—in real-time—between you and me and the group.

I’m not going to give you a bunch of recordings or handouts that you can get around to someday. It’s not work at your own pace—because that’s what you’re already doing, right? This is going to be challenging, in-the-moment training and transformation.

I want you to fall in love with your business!

If you know me, you know I’m really nice. But I have to tell you, this course is going to scare you, annoy you, push all of your buttons, and bring up all your excuses. And if you can take a breath, say “thanks” to all those negative voices, and stay the course—you will discover yourself as someone who is unstoppable in creating a business—and a life you love.

Break free from perfection paralysis!

Many women fall into the trap of thinking everything has to be perfect. Seems like a good idea, amiright? 

But perfectionism can actually slow—or even stop—your momentum. Nothing expands your wisdom and capacity faster than swinging out, discovering what doesn’t work, and making appropriate adjustments.

Bonus: You’ll realize how good you actually are at what you do and gain the confidence to ask for—and get higher prices.

What would it be worth to...

For an investment of just $5,000, Connect & Prosper will help you:

Transform your ordinary into the extraordinary.

You can jump in with a down payment of $500 (paid at registration) followed by six monthly payments of $775 (July–December, 2020).


Check out these amazing bonuses!

BONUS! Connect & Prosper Card Deck!

a $35 value

I’m super excited to be able to give everyone in the program my new Connect and Prosper Card Deck! It’s a terrific tool to help you generate a mindset of success, action, and focus. And it comes with a companion booklet that includes 53 icebreakers and conversation starters that make connecting fun and easy.


PAY-IN-FULL BONUS! Complimentary Private VIP Retreat

a $1997 value

If you’d like to pay in full, you’ll get a Complimentary Private VIP Retreat. This is a full day session working one-on-one with me to get crystal-clear about what’s happening in your business right now and where you want to go. It’s just a dynamite way to jumpstart your program!


How to Apply

Connect & Prosper is designed specifically for women…

Who are ready to break up all those internal conversations that keep them from truly owning their business mojo.

I’m talking to everyone to create the most powerful and synergistic group possible—and so that I can tailor the curriculum to match the specific needs of these participants.

Are you ready to Connect & Prosper? Let’s Talk! 

Schedule a complimentary Business Breakthrough Session where we can look at what you’re up to in your business, what’s stopping you, and see if Connect & Prosper is the right next step for you!


The first four people who sign up will be invited to my Group VIP Experience. In this session, you’ll identify areas of opportunity in your business and create specific goals for your program.


About Marie

Marie Fratoni, M.Ed is a powerful champion of women.

As the CEO of Get Clients Everywhere, Marie works globally to help entrepreneurs get more clients, make more money, and live a life of freedom, joy and self-expression. She coaches business owners and professionals to become savvy, social, and successful through cultivating professional relationships that are both fulfilling and profitable. 

She provides impactful sales development strategies, transformational coaching, and growth-filled seminars that are fun, dynamic and valuable. She is the Founder and Leader of the Women’s Professional Development Network in Atlanta, and is a frequent Keynote Speaker for organizations and associations. 

Her extensive corporate consulting experience, coupled with her thirty years as an entrepreneur provides the perfect formula for success. She is a major connector, the Queen of Networking, and leads annual professional retreats in Italy.


A lot of that depends on you. How you show up. How much you put in. And how ready and willing you are to move beyond things that have stopped you before.

Over the years, I’ve been able to help many of my clients double and even triple their income. What I can promise is that I will show up and do my best to help you engage. I will have great presenters. And if you get stuck, I will do everything I can to help you move forward.

Women running service-based businesses who are itching to play a bigger game and willing to thumb their noses at a little discomfort in order to break through to the next level.

Women who are comfortable where they are and don’t have a driving desire to grow their business. 

Women who want to grow their businesses but are unable to implement new structures and practices to make that growth happen.

I will send Uncle Guido after you. 

Seriously. I know life doesn’t always happen as planned. That said, my job is to help you not quit if at all possible. If something comes up, I’ll do my best to figure out a way to make it work for you.

Because Connect & Prosper is filled by application only, you’ll be in a community of business women who are all in similar situations and actively working to take their businesses to the next level.

This is not a pre-packaged program where you listen to modules on your own. And it’s not theoretical. You’ll be working with me and with your group in real-time, learning new skills and then going out and applying those skills to your business right away.

And the lesson plans and activities are customized for what the participants in your group need to address their specific challenges and reach their unique goals.

Schedule your complimentary Business Breakthrough Session to discuss Connect & Prosper and see what you would like to create.


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