Events make money!  You, too, can make money by hosting, sponsoring and attending events!  In fact, right now, there are so many events happening in Atlanta and around the country that you just might get registered in several of them and reap the benefits that will come to you easily, if you just show up.

You may need an adventurous attitude, and a willingness to learn what’s trending in the marketplace today.  It may mean digging into your checkbook, driving to an inconvenient part of town, or even flying to another city.  Once you’re there, magic can happen.  However, you must be prepared.

Events give you an opportunity to learn from the presenters, and that new knowledge can fuel your business growth.  Set your intentions and participate with full abandon. Go early, stay late, make a point to use the event for your advancement.  I love sitting with new people and making new friends.  I love hearing what people are up to, what cutting-edge activities they are doing that make a difference in their business.  Joining up with new friends for lunch and at breaks is invaluable!  I can see my friends anytime, but I go to meet and expand my network.  We never know where or how we can make a difference, or just what a simple act of kindness can do.

I’ve listed a few benefits of attending events, so just set your intentions, and they inevitably come to pass:

  • Add several new contacts to your list and community.  Then, it’s up to you to nurture them over time.
  • Find Speaking and Sponsorship opportunities.
  • Referral partners, or JV Partnerships are possible.
  • Get new clients.
  • Get out of your home/office and immerse yourself in the event.
  • Sell some products.
  • Win a Door Prize or take full advantage of “freebies”.
  • Ignite your passion and get excited about what’s possible as you grow your business.

Select a City, take a look on the internet, ask your colleagues, and join up with a “Bring a Friend” program and get out and enjoy events! Events make money.   And….so can you!

Learn how you can become Networking Savvy today!