Event Season is here and they are just terrific! Live events, online events, big and small are all here to help you grow.

Events make money! Yes, they really do, and you can always make more than you spend to attend them. They are an investment. You, too, can make money, gain new connections and clients by hosting, sponsoring and attending events! In fact, right now, there are so many events happening in Atlanta and around the country that you just might get registered for all of them and reap the benefits that will come to you easily, if you just commit and show up.

You may need an adventurous attitude, and a willingness to learn what’s trending in the marketplace today. It may mean digging into your checkbook, driving to an inconvenient part of town, or even flying to another city.

Once you’re there, magic can happen. However, you must be prepared. You must be clear who you are, and be ready to give, share, connect and receive all of the great information that is shared by presenters and hosts.

Go early, stay late, make a point to use the event for your advancement. I love sitting with new people and making new friends. I love hearing what people are up to, what cutting edge activities that make a difference in their business. Joining up with new friends for lunch and at breaks is invaluable! I can see my friends anytime, but I attend events to learn and meet and expand my network.

Here are a few of the current events that I’m either leading or participating in.

Join the fun! Get to these events! Events make money.