How can it already be the end of October, the gateway to the busy holiday season and our big TA DA of 2019? How did that happen?

I must admit, it’s gotten me by surprise! In the blink of an eye, I find myself living in a dual reality: wanting to create, work and lead, yet, equally wanting to lounge around, reminisce about my Italy trip, and create my next Italian adventure. Maybe it’s because I’m a Libra! Reality sets in! And now my mind is fresh with ideas, prolific in possibilities, and now putting pen to paper (journal and calendar) to schedule and commit to moving things forward.  

I’m sharing a simplified and short list of my thought questions, helping me to zoom in on what I really want to accomplish in the next couple of months.   Hope you will find inspiration and that you, too, will get into action.

✔ What do I want November and December to look like?  
✔ What is already scheduled and planned?
✔ What does the first quarter of 2020 look like? What is scheduled?
✔ What revenue would I like to generate in this time?
✔ What’s the best way for me to do that?
✔ What is my community/tribe calling for? What is being said? What is being said in the “unspoken”?
✔ What resources do I need in order to achieve these results? Do I need additional “Team”?
✔ Who do I need to “be” in the matter of my business? Am I committed to this?

Though this list is a short one, and not nearly complete, it will get you moving in the space of “forward thinking” and setting intentions. These questions are the same whether we do short-term or long-term planning and provides a context and direction.  
Finish Big! Enjoy the journey. Take ground in moving forward towards what you really truly desire and intend.