As we approach Summer, a lot of things can change in our business besides the weather. Over the years I’ve noticed that  many people put their business building activities on hold. The kids are out of school, vacations are imminent, it’s hot, and I hear phrases like “I don’t wanna.” Many associations and service groups close up for the summer, cease regular meetings, and post an imaginary sign that says “Gone Swimming!”.

What if you looked at Summer as the time that gardens grow profusely, yielding abundant crops? You know that gardens usually grow a boatload of zucchini, right? You’ve been planning seeds all year, and if you are doing the right income generating activities: meeting, connecting, sharing, speaking, and selling….then it doesn’t really matter what month is highlighted on the calendar.

Each of us determines how our business goes and grows….or not. Research suggests that if you stop, take time off, and retreat that it’s much like losing three to six months of business, and it will take a lot to get things up and running again. That’s not what we really truly want.

Consider these tips to keep your business quenched and humming along during the long hot summer.

  • Plan your schedule and keep steady with online and offline commitments.
  • Search for and maintain networking and connecting activities, adding fresh new contacts to your community or tribe. Keep building your list.
  • Schedule 3-5 (or more) virtual coffees per week. Listen for what you can contribute and reap.
  • Host Pop-Ups, Webinars or Events to keep in front of your tribe.
  • Schedule sales conversations, extend offers, and gain new clients.
  • Delegate whatever can be delegated, and remember that delegate does not mean “dump”.
  • Treat yourself to a fun vacation, enjoy play dates, day trips, and long weekends all year long, so you don’ t feel the need to take the entire summer off.

Now, pour yourself a cool, pretty drink, add a little umbrella, and go to work. Ease up, yet don’t stop. Your prospects, clients, your family, and your self will thank you from the bottom of their hearts.