Networking Mastery Bootcamp

Connecting Made Fun and Easy!

Do these statements describe you?

I get it, I really do.

Building and growing a business today takes energy, planning, and strategy, and the importance of connecting with the right people.

People are the bloodline of our business, as they are the ones that subscribe to and purchase our services. People lead us to other people, and they will do that when they “know, like, and trust you.” But how does that happen, you ask? We have to work on it, be present, and show up.

We have all seen things change over the past few years, and the business landscape has changed. There is an abundance of online events today, yet I hear from many that they are not making those meaningful types of connections. In-person events are less than they once were, and often smaller in numbers than they once were.

Networking is uncomfortable for most people, and even the thought of it can produce varied levels of anxiety and sweaty palms. The way we meet, network, and connect with others has changed, too. You may find yourself questioning if taking the time to network and attend events is worth it.

I say, “Yes, it is definitely worth it!” However, you must be trained, prepared, and create a simple strategy that will net your desired results.

For over 30 years I have taught a course called “Networking Savvy” to 1000+ people. Lately, I’ve been asked if I would lead it again. I wasn’t planning to offer it, but I received a very clear “download”, that inspired me to lead an up-dated version of this program, redesigning it for relevance in today’s marketplace.

Hit or Miss Networking Will Not Turn Into New Business.

It’s time to get serious about networking and truly connecting, and we can have lots of fun, too.

By attending Networking Mastery, you will:  

Networking Mastery Bootcamp

Connecting Made Fun and Easy!

Networking Mastery Includes:

The Schedule

Monday, August 21 – Friday, August 25, 2023

4:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. EDT

*Optional, Additional Implementation Time on Saturday, August 26th.

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My Invitation to You

Carve out time for 5 days in your calendar, and plan to be with us, present, ready, and willing to participate. Reschedule, if possible, optional appointments. Attend all or most of the sessions “live”, especially if networking and meeting new people is important to you.

Let’s do this together! I want you to win! 

Networking Mastery Bootcamp

Connecting Made Fun & Easy!

STARTS MONDAY, August 21, 2023

YOU CAN JUMP IN For an investment of just $197 ($147 FOR WPDN MEMBERS)

$ 197
$ 147

Your Program Leader

Marie Fratoni is a Certified Coach, Consultant and Master Networker who has built a vast international community of professional and personal relationships. She has led her “tried and true” Networking Savvy program for over 30 years to 1000+ individuals from the U.S., Canada, the Caribbean, and in Europe. Marie has led professional networks for 40 years, and currently leads the 13-year old Women’s Professional Development Network, a community of women entrepreneurs. Some have dubbed her “The Best Networking Coach in the World”, and the “go to” person for those who ask “Who do you know that is a good……?” 

Marie understands the value of connection capital, and works to help others develop confidence, strategy, and savvy as they build long-term business relationships that lead to speaking, summits, podcasts, and clients. Marie’s programs are fun, joyful, and filled with her specific solid business experience. She’s offering this redesigned program to reflect the current times and bring her content to a new market of budding entrepreneurs. She makes connecting fun and easy.

What People Say?

Before I hired Marie Fratoni as my coach, I had tried all types of Systems programs and coaches, with limited success. Marie's connect and prosper, networking savvy programs and private coaching was the 1-2 punch that sky rocketed my business. Marie Fratoni will always be my muse, inspiring me, motivating me and Nudging me out of my comfort zone in to success.
Vicki Edge
Certified Professional NeuroCoach
Working with Marie and her Networking Savvy course was amazing. She provides excellent business training in a organized, uplifting and collaborative setting. I came away with a new way of setting my intentions for the week, my magnetic marketing message, how to conduct a virtual coffee meeting, how to really connect during networking events, and so much more Thank you, Marie, for helping make networking easier and more fun! You are a treasure!
Anna Marshall Powers
Neurofeedback Practitioner
Wow . . . I’m so glad I invested in Networking Savvy! Marie Fratoni is such a positive light and networking genius. She has so much knowledge to share and does it in a way that is not only fun, but also practical. I learned some key take aways that I am continuing to implement in my day to day life. I also formed friendships with group members that will extend long after the end of the program. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to expand their networking savvy and grow their business.
Amy Getz
IRC Wealth
When I joined Marie's Coaching Program, I had over 13 years of experience in financial services and wondered how could someone who had never sold insurance really make a difference?

Marie is an expert at asking questions and understanding the basics of business. She had me look at my entire business—which was built around a long sales cycle product—and the result at the end of the six months is that I am back doing what I love—recruiting, training, building a team—and have expanded my products to include life insurance and am happier and have a long term plan and future that I am thrilled about.
Margie McRae
National Recuriter & Trainer, Virtual Financial Group
My problem was simple. I am really good at my work, peak performance coach, teaching people how to pull the plug on stress and play their A Game under pressure. I didn’t have the business sense to back it up. Marie’s business experience is inarguable. She first helped me develop simple step-by-step processes; through which I learnt to network effectively and sell my work in a way I was comfortable. She connected me with valuable contacts and basically taught me the ‘business sense’ that supported my talents. Working with Marie was fun and informative. Her approach made growing my business fun and engaging.
Annita Keane
The Keane Institute
As someone with a long history of "Chronic Networking Avoidance Syndrome," the likelihood of overcoming it seemed unlikely. However, after participating in Marie's "Networking Savvy" course, I am happy to report my symptoms are improved and I am well on the road to recovery! Networking is no longer an activity that I dread, thanks to Marie's leadership and encouragement, and it has made it easier to see the way to business success!
Diagnosis: Networking Avoidance Syndrome
Prescription: Marie Fratoni's "Networking Savvy" Program
Directions: *Take 2 times per week for 4 weeks, participate actively in all assignments, then apply knowledge for complete cure.
*Warning: You just might find yourself enjoying networking and seeing your business grow!
Sharon Murray, MN
VoxxLife Associate

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