What people are saying about working with Marie.

Getting real feedback from those I have helped is so empowering. It has helped me track not just their growth, but my own as well.

As a new business owner WPDN has been a source of inspiration, education and connection. One of Marie Fratoni’s many gifts is connecting people and WPDN is an extension and reflection of that gift. I have met so many fantastic women that have supported me in my business growth and have just been fun to be around. That’s the ethos of WPDN: connection, support and fun! Thanks to WPDN I have a broader network of like-minded women.
Karen Lang
Karuna Acupuncture
I have known Marie for 45 years. I have seen her develop into the great “queen of networking” that she is today. It didn’t just happen. She has walked the walk, and talked the talk. I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to add some joy and of money into their lives. She is honest, and will assist you in reaching your desires.
Sue Kirck L.M.T
West Haven, CT
I am so glad I did the Mastermind with Marie! She and the other members helped me develop a more strategic approach to building my business and reaching more clients. The program is all about support and growth. Everyone was so helpful, and I enjoyed the opportunity to share my expertise with fellow entrepreneurs.
Anna Hopkins
The Elevated Image
After being in business for almost 10 years I knew I needed an objective eye to review my marketing, sales and networking efforts. Within 5 weeks of hiring Marie Fratoni, she gave me information and resources to improve several areas of my business which allowed me to quickly land a new client. If you are seeking new levels of success or just starting a business, I would recommend talking to Marie about how she can help you achieve your long-term goals through one of her programs or her mastermind group.
Kris (Cavanaugh) Castro
ICF Certified Coach / Trainer / Facilitator / Author / BeginToShift.com
I am so grateful for Marie’s help–her tips, guidance and support around networking have made a huge difference to my success in filling my first weekend retreat! I’m new to marketing programs, and it’s been a huge challenge until now. She helped me break through some of the last barriers and really get out there. Our regular calls have kept me going and helped each encounter be more effective and truly enjoyable! Looking back over the last 6 weeks, I’m simply amazed that I could do it all. Thank you Marie!
Martha McGinnis
AIM Eating Coach, www.rethinkingfood.net
When I joined Marie’s Success Mastermind group, I had over 13 years of experience in financial services and wondered how could someone who had never sold insurance really make a difference? Marie is an expert at asking questions and understanding the basics of business. She had me look at my entire business–which was built around a long sales cycle product–and the result at the end of the six months is that I am back doing what I love–recruiting, training, building a team—and have expanded my products to include life insurance and am happier and have a long term plan and future that I am thrilled about.
Margie McRae
National Recruiter & Trainer, Virtual Financial Group
Are you considering a deep dive with Marie? If you are like me, resistant, I encourage you to let go and work with her. Eventually, you will work with Marie, so why not now? Give yourself and your business the gift of facing and dealing with whatever is holding you back. Or, if you are in a great place and seeking a wild jump forward, then schedule your time with her. For me, my productivity severely slowed down and I was not my happy self. Those are my warning signs. Through our day together I unexpectedly recognized and forced myself to say out loud what was upsetting me and in my way. As smart as I am, I never connected my upsets to my reduced participation with my business and personal life. My day with Marie, a trusted advisor, allowed me to uncover and discuss painful blocks, and then to design action steps to move forward immediately. Thank you. I am now taking the action steps we discussed, and her follow-up calls don’t let me slip! Much love and appreciation.
Nanette Freiman
Realtor, Keller Williams, Buckhead
A deep dive with Marie is an exciting and fun journey of discovery. The day starts with delicious treats and intentions. I came with an open mind and ultimate trust in Marie that I would recreate myself and my business powerfully. Marie listens, and she offers her extensive expertise in creating packages and business campaigns that will yield dividends in my creative services. Lunch was an opportunity to discuss how my personal life can be balanced with work. The deep dive in another situation may have ‘seemed’ like work, but with Marie it is play and ease. She keeps the flow moving and is sensitive to the strengths and weaknesses of her client. With her insightful ideas and creative queries she brings forth solutions that empower personally and professionally. I highly recommend Marie as a business coach and look forward to sharing more about the success of the business campaign we generated from my Deep Dive day.
Sonja Vass
Marketing Media Specialist
I participated in the 2014 Get Clients Everywhere Sales Success Mastermind and it was one of the best decisions I ever made! I had been struggling with the direction my business “should” be going in – receiving advice from so many people and coaches. Within the group there were others t various stages in their business who were facing similar issues. With Marie’s coaching, and everyone’s honest feedback and support, I was able to make decisions and move in the direction that I wanted to go. With the monthly “spotlight” each of us had, I was able to voice my concerns/questions in an environment of caring support, expertise, and sound business knowledge. I came away with a clear understanding of what I needed to do to make My Jewelry Artist the success I want it to be! And I created events, programs, and systems that will continue growing my business.
Sharon Fay Bentkowski
My Jewelry Artist
Before I knew Marie, networking was not high on my list of favored activities. In fact, it was something I truly disliked. I’m naturally quiet and somewhat shy and am often scared of talking to strangers. But Marie makes it easy. As leader of the Women’s Professional Development Networking Meetings, her warm, welcoming, inviting personality puts me at ease and makes me feel part of the group. Some people have natural talents as artists, accountants, and business coaches. Marie’s gift is the art of connecting. Every time I’m in Marie’s presence, I get connected to someone new. Easily. Without any work. Her charm and magnetism work their magic on the people she’s with. Now I’m building my network and enjoying strategic partnerships. No wonder she’s called The Queen of Connecting.
Nanette Littlestone
Words of Passion, Atlanta, GA
My problem was simple. I am really good at my work, peak performance coach, teaching people how to pull the plug on stress and play their A Game under pressure. I didn’t have the business sense to back it up. Marie’s business experience is inarguable. She first helped me develop simple step-by-step processes; through which I learned to network effectively and sell my work in a way I was comfortable. She connected me with valuable contacts and basically taught me the ‘business sense’ that supported my talents. Working with Marie was fun and informative. Her approach made growing my business fun and engaging. Thanks, Marie.
Annita Keane
The Keane Institute, Cleveland, OH
Gaining clarity really makes a difference in progressing to the next level and Marie is very skilled in causing that for her clients. Marie is so masterful at networking and connecting people. It’s fun to see her in action, creating connections and partnerships wherever she goes. For example, I was at Marie’s signature networking meeting, and she connected me to a person who became my client that very day. It was fun and easy to get a new client – no struggle. Marie introduced me and sold the client on my ability to make a real difference. How does it get any better than this.
Wanda Nelson
Atlanta, GA
I became a WPDN Member December 2015. I joined because of the diversity and professionalism of the Group. Monthly programs highlight members and their professions and each month the featured speaker is always inspirational and educational. It is a large group but everyone is open and personable and willing to help each other grow their businesses. For a very minimal investment It is an excellent organization to build both professional and personal friendships and enjoy a fantastic lunch each month.
Zina Cohen
Networking for me has always felt painful until I joined WPDN. Most networking events and groups feel disjointed and lack warmth. Not so with WDPN. This is the first networking group where I feel like I am a valued member and where I feel completely accepted and supported. I actually want to come back each month! The women are driven, motivated and successful and being around these types of women have allowed me to step into my power more fully. I love the monthly meetings or shall I say family get togethers. I am truly grateful to be a part of this group of wonderful women and am excited to grow with them!
Janis R. Cohen
LCSW, CPLRHT , www.janisrcohen.com
The community at WPDN always helps me to raise my Joy Factor. Between the delicious lunch and wonderful speakers, I always leave with a sense of gratitude that I took the time to attend. If you are looking to connect with other wonderful professional women, WPDN is a great place to be.
Wendy Watkins
Coach, www.wendywatkins.com
Marie helped build my confidence. She has been so positive and inspiring and keeps urging me to get out and share my business. She taught me that I do deserve success.
Providence, RI

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