What do you hear when I say the words “rev up”? Does this term conjure up images of doing jumping jacks in place, or dancing wildly to “The Stones”, or going out for a morning jog? What if I said, “none of the above”? What if you didn’t need to do anything? What if the answer is not in the “doing”?

I’ve learned that starting my day with a few minutes of silence, is a great way to gather and harness the energy required to have an amazing day. Yes, silence just might be a simple, no-cost activity that you can employ to rev up your daily success. When in silence, whether you are sitting quietly, or in meditation, you allow yourself to enter into a space of receptivity. In this sacred space, you give yourself the gift of listening, thinking, and hearing messages and creative downloads that pop in for each of us to consider. And if we are frantically running in “doing” energy, it can often get so noisy that we are not at all a conduit for what a few moments in silence can bring.

Here’s a simple “game” that can shake up your “normal daily routine”. Try it out for seven days in a row, and see if you begin to notice changes in being, doing or having. Here’s how to play:

  • Select a minimum of 15 minutes in the morning upon waking and rolling out of bed to sit in silence.
  • Use your phone alarm to remind you and time you.
  • Sit comfortably, eyes open or closed.
  • Just be. No music. No external sound. No writing. Just be…for 15 min.
  • Notice any thoughts and images dancing around in your mind. Your mind will continue to do its thing.
  • Remain silent until your timer or alarm sounds.
  • Grab your journal and write down anything that you want to capture from the exercise.
  • Acknowledge yourself with gratitude for stepping into a sacred space in service to yourself and others.
  • Rinse and Repeat.

Just be. Ahhhhhh. Rev yourself up with a few moments of silence. As you begin to tackle your day, your meetings, client sessions, sales conversations may just occur with a greater sense of ease and presence and better results.