Sales Savvy Mastermind

A 3-month skill and confidence-building Mastermind for those who have completed the Get Clients Everywhere “Sales Savvy: 8 weeks to Get New Clients” program.

This is the perfect next step in your growth and development if you…

  • Are comfortable with the theory of selling, but are inexperienced in the execution of sales calls/conversations and want further support.
  • Need the creation and tweaking of your programs, product packaging and pricing.
  • Have a willingness to share your products and services, and still need work on creating your marketing funnel and Money Mountain to find the right qualified prospects.
  • Are timid about charging clients what you are worth, and have trouble asking for the sale.
  • Enjoy group camaraderie, support, energy, and just can’t tear yourself away.
  • Are committed to having breakthroughs, wins, and celebrations.
  • Want to enjoy increased revenue and cash-flow predictability.
  • How the Sales Savvy Mastermind Works:

    Length of Mastermind

    3 months- June, July, August 2018
    Exact dates TBD

    2 Virtual Group VIP Days

    Two 4-hour Group VIP Days via Zoom – Training, Q&A, Hot Seat Coaching in June and July

    1 In-Person Group VIP Day

    6-hour Group VIP Day with Training, Q&A, and Hot Seat Coaching in August

    Coaching Calls

    3 one-hour Group Coaching Calls per month.

    Office Hours

    Once Monthly Office Hours and Facebook Group for support

    Sales Savvy Mastermind

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