Life is dynamic and challenging! Wouldn’t you agree? It’s filled with ups and downs, joys and sorrows, successes and failures. Professionals lead incredibly busy lives and often struggle with keeping life in balance so that we can ultimately experience a sense of ease, grace and power, as well as fulfill our dreams. In order to be our optimal self, there must be a sense of order with support resources in place to help us get through it! No one can do it alone! Oh, yes, this bears repeating: no one can do it alone!

This is where building your own personal network comes in! It’s not just about going out and “networking”. Rather, it’s building a strong personal and professional network, much like creating our own personal Board of Directors. One of my friends always chimes that she is a proud member of my “Marie Team”! I am very grateful for my team or “Personal Board of Directors”. All of the answers and support I need are with me, and several have been on my team for many years. They lift me up, tell it straight, and are reliable over time.

Let me suggest some important positions to fill. A team like this can help you hold it all together!

  • Close Friends and Family Confidantes
  • Your Physicians / Dental Team
  • Your Legal Team
  • CPA and Financial Services Professionals
  • A Director of Fun and Social Activities
  • A Spiritual Leader to lead you back to Source and your Center
  • Professional Coach
  • Healers and Energy Medicine Professionals
  • Marketing / Sales Professionals
  • Professional Image Consultant / Hair Stylist
  • Trusted Neighbor
  • Veterinarian
  • Home Repair/Cleaning/Plumber/Electrician

I invite you to fill the right positions for your team, the ones that will make your life easier. Print off this suggested list and customize it to your heart’s content. Completing this task and seeing it as a reality will give you a sense of support, well-being, and comfort. Now, breathe easy and know that all is well in your world!