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As I ponder the precious lessons I’ve learned this year, I enjoy looking back at the wonderful memories and good people whose lives I’ve touched, and appreciate those who have touched my life.  It’s truly amazing how many wonderful clients, friends, colleagues, coaches, associates and family I get to be with each year.  This year has been filled with positive and meaningful happenings.

I am so grateful to my clients, yes, each and every…..You inspire me show up more powerfully than if I were left alone.   You cause me to get my “game on”!  And because of you, I grow.

My WPDN Community has become “family” to me, and we are ready to embark on our 8th year together.   It is such a joy to see you each month, to welcome new Members, and to watch you grow and “share your shine”.  Each of you is a gift to me, touching a place in my heart that is warm and special.

To my support team:  Iris, Jackie, Alexandra, Lauriat, Betty and Arlene, I just couldn’t do all that I must do without you in my corner.  Thank you for having my back, and jumping in to do what’s needed, and sometimes with very short notice.

I’m incredibly grateful for my Coaches, and there are many of you, formal and informal.  Your collective intelligence, knowledge, and experience is so wanted and needed.  I am always amazed at how I feel so “lit up” when we are together.  Thank you for all that you share!  I am so fortunate to have you in my life.

I am grateful for the team at the Capital Grille, Dunwoody who month after month provides a venue with impeccable service and yummy food that allows for the magic to happen.

My friends are special, too.  Thank you. Some have been with me since childhood days and college years, and some I’ve met just recently, yet, it feels as if we’ve known each other for years.  Thank you for the fun, conversations, adventures, meals, movies, and for the contribution you are.

How could I not mention all of the business services and platforms that I use regularly or annually….all structurally in place to hold  the myriad of activities of Get Clients Everywhere. Phew! It takes a village!
And, of course, I am very grateful to my family, mostly for allowing Marie to be Marie.  The allowing is a gift in itself, and I know that we share a fierce loyalty together.

And am truly grateful for Lucky, my CFO (Chief Fluffy Officer), who is a constant barrage of cuddles, nudges, and adoring looks at me, and provides great company as he snuggles in my arms while I work at the computer.  My sidekick brings me comic relief and he is a genuine stress-buster, too.

I am grateful for having written this message, and I feel full.  Happy Thanksgiving Day to you and those you hold dear.

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