The "I Want To Pick Your Brain” Session

Over the years my phone often rings with colleagues who want to share what they are creating, and to ask me a few questions and receive trusted advice. Literally, they say “I want to pick your brain….”.

I love when people reach out and ask for my quick advice. And I am more than eager to lend an ear. Coaches want to coach, right? 

Sometimes you need a quick consultation, and you know that an on-going group program or a 6 – week class is not what you need. You have questions, concerns, and need direction, next steps and a simple plan of action that keeps you moving forward with clarity. You’re wanting a burst of information, a committed and skilled listener, and an experienced professional who can help you move forward with confidence.

Confusion, uncertainty, fear, reticence, and resignation will surely take you down a disempowering rabbit hole. No one wants that. We want to be unleashed, empowered and energized, and ready for action.

Book two hours with me and receive a short burst of genius. Co-create with me in a way that removes those pesky emotional or strategic speed bumps, and clear the way so that you gain direction and momentum that has you getting clients everywhere.

What if you had the experience of someone fully listening “for” you?

Listening for what’s possible?

Listening for an easier route to get to your destination, and possibly even enjoy the journey?

That’s what’s available for you, and I invite you to schedule your “I Want To Pick Your Brain” session with me today. Reach out, and let’s have a quick chat to see if this is a good option for you.

"I Want To Pick Your Brain" Session

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2 Hours
$ 347

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