Networking, connecting, and attending Networking Events often is a highly charged subject. Why is that? I think I have some insight and I’d like to share my thoughts.

From what I’ve learned over the many years that I’ve been leading and hosting networking events, people often say the same things. Ultimately, they unanimously share that they are trying to “survive” networking. For many, it occurs as a “should”, something we know we should do. However, we jump in willingly, but feel unprepared to know what to do after we say hello.

Networking can be easy, or it can be challenging and difficult.  With the proper training, coaching and support, it can be super fun and valuable. Without support and direction it can become a disaster, and leaves people feeling unsure of  themselves, unclear of what to say or do while at the event or after. It can be expensive, time-consuming and often doesn’t net people the results they’d hoped for.

What if it were easy? What if you had the knowledge and tools to be a “pro” at networking….at formal and informal events?   What if you could network like a Rock Star, gain confidence, develop leadership and presence, and have others seek you out for connections and conversations?

People have given me two fun names over the years: “The World’s Best Networking Coach” and “The Queen of Networking”. Well, I love people, and I’ve been well-trained. I’d love to pass this info on to you.  

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