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The Magic of Really Knowing Your Ideal Clients

Join Marie Fratoni, Leader of WPDN and the WPDN Community to explore this most important topic for entrepreneurs. This event will provide ample opportunity to “dig in” and share what is essential for connecting with, attracting, marketing to, and serving your perfect clients. Most entrepreneurs are very clear on demographics, yet fall short of the psychographics of the ones they truly want to attract and serve.

Through small group discussion, exercises and sharing, attendees will leave the event with a much clearer picture of who they want to serve and how their services are “spot on” for their ideal clients. You’ll see why it is often valuable to take a deeper cut at this, to hone your strategy and gain the confidence that you can deliver your products, programs and services with excellence.

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Wednesday, Sept. 29, 2021
11:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.

LOCATION: The Capital Grille
94 Perimeter Center West
Dunwoody, GA 30346

Members: $45.00 / Guests: $55.00
Includes lunch, networking, and presentation.

Reservations are required. Pre-payment is requested.

*NOTE – Online registration closes at 5 pm on the Monday prior to the event. If paying at the door, checks and cash are preferred. Please make checks payable to Marie Fratoni.

Amy Getz, CPA, CDFA

Amy Getz believes wealth and financial freedom are for everyone and is especially passionate about helping women know their worth. She is a financial advisor with IRC Wealth, an SEC registered investment firm in Atlanta, GA, a CPA and a CDFA® (Certified Divorce Financial Analyst). She is also the Money & Finance Chapter Director of the national What Women Want Networking organization.

Amy is on a mission to educate women about their finances and empower them to set big goals for their financial future. Letting go of limiting beliefs around money and facing the real numbers allows women to quiet the stress loop in their mind and elevate everyone around them. Wealthy women change the world.

When she’s not working, Amy loves to travel with her family, connect with friends or read a good book.

WPDN Featured Sponsor

Mary Kerwin

Wife, mother of 4, grandmother, teacher, coach, Mary Kerwin is the founder of Confident Families and creator of the Encourage Greatness Parent Community.

She is an expert in helping kids to develop the confidence and self-esteem skills that they need to thrive now and grow into confident, happy, successful adults.

Her life’s work has been in Education, spending more than 40 years as a classroom teacher. Her mission has always been to foster and develop each child to see their unlimited potential.

Her work with parents gives them the skill set needed to stop making parenting decisions from a place of fear, indecision, and guilt and become confident leaders for their kids so they can improve the quality of life for themselves and their families.