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The Women’s Professional Development Network (WPDN) is an international community of conscious entrepreneurs and aspiring professional women, soulfully aligned, and committed to learning, growing, and thriving in business. We are committed to expanding our capacity to lead and serve, making a positive impact in our local communities and beyond. WPDN was founded in 2010 by Marie Fratoni, CEO of Get Clients Everywhere as an expression of her commitment and stand that all women connect, prosper, lead, and leave an inspiring legacy.


Mission Statement:

WPDN provides members with an environment in which to connect, collaborate, inspire, promote, and support one another. Through a rich calendar of events, specially- curated training programs, networking, and member interaction, we directly impact the trajectory of success for professional women. Our primary focus is on training and development and growing professional women leaders.

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Membership will renew at the regular price of $295 and is due every 12 months on the anniversary of original registration.

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