Happy 2022, my Friends!

As we have recently entered through the doorstep of this new year, have you noticed how fun and exciting it is to create what’s next? Yes, it certainly is. However, have you actually taken time to do a “year-end review” and acknowledge all that you did, all that you didn’t, what worked, what didn’t, results and regrets, etc.

Over the past 10 years, I’ve led this highly-attended event on New Year’s Eve Day. But, this year I was scheduled to be out of the country, and was not going to offer this event. Many friends reached out and requested that I run it, and I’m happy to do it for you. It’s a bit later than usual, yet, equally as empowering.

Participating in this exercise is extremely useful, as it paves the way for creating what’s next in our life. Doing this exercise with a tribe of like-minded people is also incredibly powerful and inspirational. Why would we create something new and exciting on top of what may be incomplete from our past?

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Let’s get free from the past year, and excited and empowered to create 2022!


Join us for only $10! fREE for WPDN Members

Monday, January 10th, 12:00 - 1:30 p.m. EST

About Marie Fratoni

As the CEO of Get Clients Everywhere, Marie works globally to help entrepreneurs get more clients, make more money, and live a life of freedom, joy and self-expression. She coaches business owners and professionals to become savvy, social, and successful through cultivating professional relationships that are both fulfilling and profitable. 

She provides impactful sales development strategies, transformational coaching, and growth-filled seminars that are fun, dynamic and valuable. She is the Founder and Leader of the Women’s Professional Development Network in Atlanta, and is a frequent Keynote Speaker for organizations and associations. 

Her extensive corporate consulting experience, coupled with her thirty years as an entrepreneur provides the perfect formula for success. She is a major connector, the Queen of Networking, and leads annual professional retreats in Italy.

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